What water ionizer to buy?

The ionizer changes the pH of the water and makes it alkaline. Is it worth using an ionizer for water? Which one to choose?

Drinking alkaline water has many followers. Water ionizers are used to prepare it, which change its pH. The offer of devices of this type is quite wide, so it is worth finding out where to buy a water ionizer and how to choose it.

Why is it worth using a water ionizer?
The water ionizer is a device whose task is to ionize the water, which undergoes the process of electrolysis changes its pH and becomes alkaline. Drinking alkaline water has many benefits:

It is better for your health.
Regular drinking of alkaline water promotes vitality and helps to combat excessive acidification of the body.
Alkaline water is more rehydrating and therefore helps counteract the effects of dehydration.
Drinking alkaline water supports digestive processes, has a positive effect on concentration, supports slimming and cleanses the body.

Water ionizers are used to prepare alkaline water. With their help, you can prepare alkaline water on your own. It will have a pH above 7.5, which means that it will be alkaline water that does not acidify the body. Alkaline water can be bought ready for consumption (usually bottled like mineral water), but it is more expensive than spring or mineral water - sometimes even several times. In order not to overpay, it is worth considering a water ionizer, which will be associated with a one-time expense, and the device itself will serve the user for a long time.

How to choose a water ionizer? What to look for?
Although drinking alkaline water has many supporters, not everyone decides to buy an ionizer. However, it is worth considering this option, because this type of device will allow you to save money in long-term use, and at the same time it is an ecological solution - it is much better to prepare alkaline water at home than to buy it in plastic bottles. What water ionizer to buy? What to look for? These are the most important issues:

Device type - when considering which water ionizer to choose, you need to decide on a specific type of device, and you can find mobile jug and bottle ionizers, slightly larger stationary ionizers and flow-through ionizers on sale. The jug models are the smallest, they have lower efficiency, but they are the cheapest. Stationary pour-out ionizers are more expensive, but more efficient and functional. The most advanced option is the flow-through water ionizer, which connects directly to the water supply in the house.

Efficiency - to decide which water ionizer is the best, it is worth taking a look at the efficiency of individual devices. The higher it is, the faster we prepare a large portion of alkaline water. If the device is to be used intensively (e.g. in a company or for professional use), it is worth spending a bit more, but getting high performance. Basic models are sufficient for home use.

The range of supported pH - the wider the range, the greater the possibilities of water preparation with preferred parameters.

Additional functions - when considering which water ionizer to buy, it is worth paying attention to whether it has any additional options (e.g. space for adding additional minerals that will enrich the properties of the water).

Price - when it comes to water ionizers, the price can be high, especially in the case of flow devices, professional and with very high efficiency. The price of a water ionizer can be lower when it is a pitcher or bottle model.

The dimensions of the device - this is another important parameter. The water ionizer to choose should be adapted to the dimensions of the kitchen or the room in which it will be used.

Buyers' opinions, popularity - before buying, it is worth checking the ranking of water ionizers and carefully looking at the top models. The list of the type of water ionizers in the ranking presents the devices that are most often chosen. It is easy to notice that they are also popular due to their prices and parameters.

These are the most important issues worth paying attention to when choosing an ionizer. Some, however, have doubts as to whether it is worth buying such a device.

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