The manga worth reading!

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite and first manga that I bought. Tokyo Ghoul came into my life through an anime opening that I found on YouTube and which I fell in love with.

After listening to the song "Unravel" I decided to watch the anime itself. I was very hooked, despite the fact that it is a bit brutal. However, he can move, and a bond with the main characters is established very quickly. Before buying the manga itself, I recommend that you watch a few episodes to see if the story itself will suit you.

However, back to the manga itself. What is it about?

“Ken Kaneki is a student who miraculously experiences an encounter with a ghoul - a being that feeds on a human body. The doctor, wanting to save the boy's life, decides to transplant the ghoul's organs. After Kaneki recovers, he discovers that normal food doesn't taste good to him, and realizes he's half a ghoul. After all, she decides never to eat human flesh. The main thread of the story is the struggle of his humanity with the desire to consume human flesh. "

Kaneki Ken
He is the main character of the story. A student of Japanese studies at the Faculty of Literature. He became a half-ghoul as a result of transplantation. He works in Anteiku, a small cafe where the local ghouls meet. After reading the first volume, all I felt was compassion for him. He found himself in a world where he should not appear. On top of that, alone.

Hideyoshi Nagachika
A friend of the main character. They often hang out together, even after Kaneki turned into a half-ghoul that Hide knows about. This is perhaps the most positive character in the entire manga. His behavior is a good example of a best friend.

Tōka Kirishima
Ghoul, a young girl. He works in the Anteiku cafe together with the main character. She has a long fringe that covers her right eye. She is violent and aggressive, tries to be nice among people and not to reveal herself. You can be afraid of her. Kaneki's first encounter with Touka was very brutal and aggressive on her part. However, she is a character who likes to hide her true feelings.

Rize Kamishiro
Ghoul initially dates the main character. Her organs were transplanted to Kaneki. Extremely aggressive, very voracious. She gives the impression of a charming, quiet girl who loves to read books. And she's even good at it. Fortunately, her presence in the manga and anime only predominates in the first volume / episode.

There are many more heroes. They are very interesting and sometimes slightly crazy characters that (I hope) intrigue you with their person as much as me.

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