How to buy prescription drugs online - e-prescription fulfillment

Prescription drugs online
Prescription drugs over the Internet can be sold, but they must not be sent to the patient's home or to any other place indicated by the patient, other than a stationary pharmacy point. Contrary to the expectations of many distributors and the patients themselves, the introduction of e-prescription does not change this state of affairs, with one exception, which we will talk about in a moment. Thus, most people placing an order over the Internet will have to pick up this type of order from a pharmacist. Moreover, these medications should be delivered to the place of collection in a special pharmacy transport, ensuring the safety of transport.

Benefits for the patient from selling prescription drugs over the Internet
Although prescription drugs cannot be ordered from home, the possibility of buying them online is a tempting prospect for many people, especially in smaller towns or in an area where there are not too many stationary pharmacies. Many prescription drugs are not available immediately, which means that the patient will have to visit the pharmacist again (sometimes not one, if the drug ordered on a given day does not arrive on time and the patient does not make a check-up call to the pharmacy). Meanwhile, when ordering prescription drugs online, we can be sure that the product will be waiting for us at the selected point - usually within about 24 hours of placing the order.

How to buy prescription drugs at an online pharmacy?
Prescription drugs on the Internet are not offered by all pharmacies, so when making a choice, it is worth carefully studying the offer. It should also be remembered that the purchase of this type of pharmaceuticals differs significantly from placing an order for OTC drugs or other products. If a given pharmaceutical is not refundable, put it in a virtual basket and then select a collection point, which is one of the stationary pharmacies. If, on the other hand, we buy a reimbursed drug, first of all, several variables should be specified in selected fields on the website of a given online pharmacy, using the data from the received prescription. This will determine the final price of the drug. After going through this short procedure, you can place an order as outlined above.

The authenticity of the drugs sold
A big problem with online shopping is the concern about the authenticity of the medicines you buy. To eliminate the possibility of fraud, you should only buy drugs from reputable and legal pharmacies, not from forums or online auctions. Pharmacists who sell online are required to verify the drugs sold for authenticity and the presence of intact physical security that each drug should have. The use-by date is also checked. This applies especially to prescription drugs, which have recently also been available for purchase at an online pharmacy - the sale procedure takes place online and the drugs are waiting for collection at a stationary pharmacy. Home delivery of prescription drugs is still not allowed.

Possibility to consult a pharmacist
Confirmation of the legality of the pharmacy's operation and the authenticity of the drugs sold there effectively eliminate the possibility of fraud and the purchase of dangerous products. However, each time, after or during the purchase, the patient has doubts about the purchased products, he should contact the pharmacist by phone. A pharmacy that wants to ensure the safety of purchases for its patients should enable such contact during the pharmacy's working hours, as well as for a few hours after the planned delivery of the purchased products. Thanks to such consultations, the patient can order the medications he needs, which additionally minimizes the need to return.

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